Basic pricing for our most popular Illuminaria

The prices shown do not include LED fixtures as some clients source their own. We are happy to share our vendor links.

Centerpiece prices go down after a quantity of 25.

Our open topped shades are shipped to you “flat” allowing for cost effective shipping. Assembly is easy and takes a few seconds per shade to complete.

Round Open Shades

Open topped column shades to be used individually or in a cluster.

Singles Shades: $15.00 – $45.00
Clusters: $65.00 – $85.00

square shape open illuminaria

Open Square Shades

Square shades allow for 4 sides of graphics. We provide templates for both single shades and our groupings

Single Shades: $30.00 – $55.00
Clusters: $90.00 – $110.00

Custom Branded Wineglass Shades for special events that fit on wineglasses.

Wineglass Shades

Sized to fit easily purchased wineglasses. Add trim for a “nightclub” look.

Small Wineglass Shades: $25.00
Large Wineglass Shades: $30.00
Trim: $8:00 per shade

Closed Round Centerpieces

Round closed centerpieces fill the center of a table beautifully and can be upgraded with custom-cut tops and bases

Small Closed Round : $60.00
Large Round Centerpieces: $90.00
Custom Cut Top with Graphics: $5.00
Custom Bases: $6.00 each

Square Closed Top Centerpieces

Square (or rectangular) centerpieces offer four distinct sides for your art. They can also have custom cut tops for backlit graphics.

Small Square Centerpieces: $75.00
Large Square Centerpieces: $105.00
Custom Cut Tops: $5.00
Custom Bases: $6.00



We build lampshades to fit your bases or fixtures.

Large Round Shade: $150.00
Large Square Shade: $175.00

Columns are shipped in “kit” format that are easily assembled on site. They are generally lit by your lighting vendor using rented wireless “Cube Echo” fixtures.

We require a 4-week lead time in order to give our full attention to your project.
For rush jobs we add a 30% fee.


Contact us to receive our full price list that will help in designing illuminated decor for your next evemnt.

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Round Column Kits

Self standing columns are a brilliant way to make a bold statement. Our common size is 18.5″ x 72″ but are happy to offer custom pieces.

6′ Round Column: $295.00
Set of three columns: $850

Square Standing Column Kits

Our square columns are custom designed and printed using lightweight materials and will illuminate your message on a dramatic scale.

14.5″ x 14.5″ x 72″ Column: $340.00
Set of 3 Columns: $950.00
21.5″ x 21.5″ x 50″ Column: $34

Creative Centerpieces and Illuminated decor and centerpieces for Special Events

Creative thinking

We love expanding on our basic centerpiece designs, crafting new shapes to bring originality to event decor.

Light Up Book: $75.00
8″ Sculptural Globe: $90.00
Custom Cut edge Wineglass Shade:$35.00