Ordering our custom centerpieces and columns can be a little confusing at first.
Here are some questions we get from time to time:

Simply send us a detailed email with as much information regarding your centerpiece or column needs and we can generate a detailed quote that includes shipping costs to your office or venue.

We do not have a minimum order, but our pricing goes down after a quantity of 25.

Events are always time sensitive and every job is  custom requiring care to make sure each piece is correct. 
We require a 4-week timeframe from the approval of artwork to guarantee the timely delivery of your project for your scheduled event.

Yes – our commitment is to provide you with high-quality Illuminaria for your event. Crafting these unique pieces requires time, and given the unpredictable nature of shipping schedules, we implement a 30% rush fee for orders placed less than 4 weeks prior to your designated delivery date. This ensures the exceptional quality and timely delivery of your custom creations.

No – every event has specific lighting needs.
We can send you links to multiple options for lights. Depending on your budget, you can choose between one time use or multiple use LED lights.

You can have as many designs and colors as needed. Your centerpieces or columns do not need to feature the same content. Tthere’s no extra charge for managing this customization.

To save on shipping, our open topped shades and large columns are shipped “flat”. Simply remove the liner on the tape, and adhere the two sides together. Large square shades are shipped with frames to be placed inside to help maintain the square corners.
You will need to fine tune the square shades to even out the shape.

Our closed centerpieces are shipped fully assembled, ready to be placed on the tables. Simply add the LED puck light of your choice under the centerpiece to light it up!

The standing columns are shipped in kit format. You will receive two boxes. One with the column sides and one with the interior frameworks.

Both kits are always shipped with assembly instructions. Both are easy to build! 

Assembly of all our pieces is easy. The open shades take a few seconds each. Square shades will require a bit of fine tuning as you place them on your tables. Be sure to refold the corners to create an even square shape.

Our round columns have a seam to join before inserting the framework.
Our square columns simply require inserting the square frames.
All our columns ship with assembly instructions.

Many venues have on site lighting vendors who can add Cube Echo wireless LED lighting your lighting contract. Simply place them on the floor inside the columns.

If you  do not have a lighting contract, we can send you links for LED Par Can fixtures that you can purchase to light your columns.