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Centerpieces, luminaries, shades and column kits that significantly enhance and personalize your events.

With our large range of centerpieces, columns and shades in combination with LED fixtures, you have the opportunity to elevate the atmosphere of any event. Our centerpieces can be customized to match the theme of the event and add a brilliant touch of elegance to tables or other areas. They are excellent for conveying a personalized message to your guests. Branded centerpieces prominently display a company's logo ensuring that the company brand and corporate colors are showcased throughout the event creating a cohesive atmosphere. Custom lampshades can be designed with specific colors, patterns or graphics to complement the event's overall theme. Our standing column kits offer a unique branding opportunity for businesses and organizations on a large scale. Browse our gallery of images to find for brilliant ideas and concepts for your upcoming special event.

Open Luminary Style Shades

Closed Custom Tabletop Centerpieces

Illuminated Columns and Shades

Our focus on creativity, branding, and expert design sets us apart from traditional and ordinary decor options. This unique approach ensures that each event shines with its own distinct personality and style.