• Wineglass shades with Your Graphics

    Great for Cafe Tables.
    Can be shipped assembled or flat.
    Sized to fit easily purchased wineglasses.

    Small: $15.00 - Large: $20.00

  • Wineglass shades with Beading and Chainette trim

    With the addition of trim, our wineglass shades become super little centerpieces.
    Choose Beading, Chainette or Feathers

    Small: $25.00 - Large: $30.00

  • Branded Votive Covers or Personalized Shades

    Open topped column shades to be used singly or as a cluster.
    Stands available for more height.

    Single 4" - 6" shade: $20.00
    Single 6" shade with stand: $25.00
    Groupings: $45.00 - $55.00

  • Square Column Personalized Centerpieces

    Square shaped columns look great in groupings.

    Single 10" x 4" shade: $40.00
    Groupings: $55.00 - $95.00 depending on size

  • Illuminateid Custom Round Centerpiece with Base

    Round centerpieces can be designed to table size. Tops can be solid or cut for backlighting of logo. Bases available.

    Size shown: 10"x 8" Round Centerpiece with base: $85.00
    Branded or logo reveal lids: Add $10.00

  • Branded Square Centerpiece

    Square or Rectangular Centerpieces offer 4 distinct sides for your art.
    Size shown: 10" x 10" square centerpiece with base: $95.00
    Branded or Logo Reveal Lid: Add $10.00

  • Warhol Themed Lampshade with Feather Trim

    Trim adds wonderful texture to lampshades. Choose Beading, Chainette or Feathers

    As Shown: $120.00
    Priced according to size

  • Custom Personalized Lampshade

    We build a shade to your base specs.

    As shown: $75.00
    Priced according to size

  • Branded Lampshade on Custom Designed Base

    Our lightweight custom cut bases designed to hold our shades allow for a completely unique centerpiece.

    As Shown: $135.00
    Priced according to size

  • Auction Catogory Lampsghades

    We design shades to fit your standing fixtures. Perfect for Auction or Food Station tables

    As Shown: 12" x 48" - $225.00
    Priced according to size.

  • Light Up Column for Ikea Table

    We recommend Ikea Lack tables as a base for these larger columns

    As shown: 21.5" x 48" - $300.00

  • Light Up standing columns

    Our self standing columns are a great way to fill large spaces with lit decor

    As shown: 15.5" diameter x 72" high - $275.00 18.5" diameter x 96" - $350.00

  • Light Up standing columns

    Our self standing square columns offer visibility on all four sides.
    Great for open floor plans

    As shown: 14.5"x 14.5" x 72" high - $325.00

  • Large Drum Shade with Trim

    Additional trim on our drum shades adds texture and height to fill large event spaces.

    As Shown: 36" Diameter x 30" high with trim" - $375.00
    Priced according to size.

  • Hanging Custom Sahde

    Our large drum shades are wonderful for filling larger event spaces

    As shown: 48" Diameter x 36" - $475.00
    Priced according to size